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Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of Hypnosis which can be defined as the cultivation of innate faculties such as focused attention and creative imagination.

Unlike the popular image of  hypnosis as something mysterious, this state of focus is a perfectly natural facet of the human mind, a common, everyday occurrence. It could be said to occur whenever I become deeply absorbed in reading a book, or when I am listening to music or watching a film or YouTube clip.* Used as a tool in therapy it taps into a person's own innate abilities to make beneficial changes for health and well-being. All forms of effective therapy utilize this to some extent, either knowingly or unknowingly.  

By harnessing the power of the sub-conscious mind in this way we can change our instinctive response to things. Whenever we day-dream we enter a kind of hypnotic "trance" state. This is akin to night time dreaming, which happens during the Rapid Eye Movement phase of the sleep cycle, otherwise known as REM. Just as our brain goes through natural cycles of during the night time, this also occurs during the day, though we are often too busy going about our affairs to notice it.

During the day time we will periodically go into a more "dreamy" state of mind. We may temporarily detach our awareness from the here and now. We may reminisce about the past or fantasize about the future. We may conjure up images of how life would be like if we won the lottery or lived on a tropical island. Or we may worry about what would happen if misfortune were to come our way. These mind games are what sets the human race apart from all other animals on the planet. Sometimes they serve us well. At other times they keep us trapped in limiting or problematic modes of thought and behaviour.

Effective hypnotherapy is really as much to do with helping people to come out of "symptomatic trance states" as it is in inducing positive modes of thought. The kind of hypnotherapy that I offer to clients takes this important insight into account.

You can read more about Hypnosis in my blog post "Hypnosis: the elephant in the room". 

Hypno Counseling. an eclectic bridge between Milton Erickson and Carl Rogers.

( PCCS Books 2003) 

Read a fascinating article by psychologist Joe Griffin about the link between hypnosis, dreaming and the REM state hereThe expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming.

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