Kevan Owen

Coherence Counselling & Psychotherapy
The Bell Surgery, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 8AU
& Trinity House Practice, 150 Cumberland Street, Macclesfield, SK10 1BP.
and on-line. Tel:07717 289373

Client Feedback

"Kevan Hi, I'm still amazed at how I feel! I am taking on tasks that previously would have put me in a scared state - and I have no problem completing them. Nor does the thought of them cause me nausea and "freeze" me into not taking action. I feel happy, light-hearted and carefree! How about that? first time in years....I also feel OK being here - alive in the world! that's a biggy, its new to me and I'm enjoying it.Thank you so much for creating these changes in me. I didn't think it possible. I've valued your gentle approach, being listened to on such deep topics and your way of "being" in a session. I am eternally grateful." (From a client who had suffered from feelings of low self-worth).


"Hi Kevan. Just to say how much I enjoyed the relaxation last Friday. I’ve had a very good week, plus I feel much more positive! The breathing technique has been very useful!! Thank You!" (From a client for weight control and emotional eating).


"Hi Kevan, Still not smoking and feeling less and less likely that I will again.  Not too sure why it worked and trying to resist the temptation to analyse it too much.  I think something unconscious is happening, really don't feel as though I will smoke again." (From a client wanting to stop smoking).


"My mood is a lot more buoyant and I don't always take things quite so seriously, not ploughing face first through the silt in the bottom of the pond anymore!! And it's really good to feel that. Most exciting is that I've rediscovered a bit of creativity - painting a picture I've been meaning to for two years. Many thanks for your help."  (From a client who had been experiencing low mood).


 "The hypnotherapy has been working very well since the last treatment, and I have felt more confident and less anxious more of the time."  (From a client who wanted help to overcome social anxiety).


 "It has helped me enormously...almost like I've "forgotten" to sleep badly.  A huge improvement."  (From a client wanting to sleep better).


 "Not having really understood what had been happening to me it was all very confusing. through the tasks and skills taught it's great to see that I can now manage things better. It's certainly made my life a happier place". (From a client who experienced military trauma).

 "Kevan gave me support in weight loss and quality of life in general. The atmosphere was relaxed and he listened intently to everything. A very wise, experienced and well qualified gentleman who's skills go way beyond hypnosis. Has greatly improved my life". (From a client with weight control issues).